Smoke & Fire Detection

Photoelectric Detectors Provide Superior Sensitivity To Smoke

As a key part of your security system, we install smoke detectors from DSC that feature an exclusive patented design. They are built to be extremely sensitive to smoke over a long period of time - even after there is a build up of dust in the detector.

Smoke Detection Under Many Conditions

  • Advanced 90° photoelectric detection pattern, offering superior detection of smoldering or rapid growth fires under a broad range of conditions.
  • Available with a built-in sensor designed to detect the presence of heat caused by a fire that starts and develops very rapidly.
  • An LED indicator lets you see in an instant if the smoke detector is 'on' or its alarm/trouble/normal status.
  • Every 40 seconds, the detector does an automatic self-test. So when your unit is low on power or when its sensitivity to smoke has fallen, it will let you know - right away.
  • An alarm signal is communicated through your security system to your central monitoring station. Plus, there is the additional option of a built-in local alarm sounder.

In addition to Smoke Detectors, we offer all types of Fire Protection Systems.

A Plus Alarms & Entertainment Systems also services and designs Commercial Fire Systems.

Contact us today and let us design a system that will protect your home and your business from the ravages of smoke and fire.

"I have had the pleasure of using A Plus Alarms & Entertainment Systems a number of times over the past few years and the service provided is second to none. They really operate a first class company. The customer service is awesome!!! They provide quality, prompt competitive service. I would not hesitate to recommend A Plus to anyone!"

Joe and Liz
Andover, MA

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